Unfortunately, junctions cannot link to a network drive, they only can link directories on the same computer (possibly on different local volumes). This is a limitation imposed by Windows. I have updated the documentation for Sys.junction in R-devel accordingly.


On 02/06/2018 10:50 PM, MARK BANGHART wrote:
I am running 3.4.3 on a windows server and I ran the code in a new session.

I get a warning when running packrat::init() on a project that is located on a 
windows network drive.
The warning I get is

Warning message:
cannot set reparse point 'U:/packrat5/packrat/lib-R/base', reason 'Access is 

The error is created based inside the function .Internal(mkjunction(fr, link)) 
which is called from Sys.junction().  I have run Sys.junction inside the 
RStudio debugger and I checked that the 'U:/packrat5/packrat/lib-R/base'
could be accessed via the windows file explorer before the 
.Internal(mkjunction(fr, link)) call is made.  Looking at the code for 
do_mkjunction(), the warning looks to be thrown based on the return status from 

I setup a project on the C: drive and tried the same packrat::init() code.

The call to .Internal(mkjunction(fr, link)) did not produce an error.

I would appreciate any help you can provide on this issue.



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