Thanks, this has been already reported as bug 17358. Addressed in R-devel 74238. R may still create a corrupt file, though, in other circumstances (e.g. if it runs out of memory or is interrupted during serialization, etc).


On 02/07/2018 04:14 PM, Kenny Bell wrote:
I ran into this behaviour when accidentally running a line of code that I
shouldn't have.

When saving over an rds with an object that's not found, I would have
expected saveRDS to not touch the file.

saveRDS(iris, "test.rds")
#> [1] 1080
saveRDS(no_object_here, "test.rds")
#> Error in saveRDS(no_object_here, "test.rds"): object 'no_object_here'
not found
#> [1] 20

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