Please note that building R on Windows is documented in "R Installation and Administration", including links to external software. Particularly there is a link to texinfo which is part of Rtools. The documentation is maintained and it is a sufficient source of information for building R on Windows.


On 02/09/2018 08:16 AM, Indrajit Sen Gupta wrote:
Hi Avraham,

A quick question - I realized I did not have *Perl* installed. So I
installed *ActiveState Perl* right now. Also I see I need *texinfo* and
*texi2any*. I was able to installed *texinfo* from here: But not sure where to
get *texi2any*. Can you guide me in this step?


On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 11:58 AM, Indrajit Sen Gupta <>

Hi Avraham,

What a coincidence, I have been following this post of yours: https://www.

Looks like this post is slightly older than what you have shared
previously. It is strange that you did not get the attachments. I am
pasting the contents of the MkRules.local here:


#-*- Makefile -*-

## This is only used when building R itself but it does customize
## etc/*/Makeconf using LOCAL_SOFT, BINPREF[64], IMPLIB and R_ARCH

## Customize by copying to MkRules.local and uncommenting and editing
## some of the definitions there.

## =========== configuration macros for building packages ================
# Absolute path to '/usr/local' software collection.  The versions used
# on CRAN can be found at
# It can be interrogated by 'R CMD config LOCAL_SOFT'
# Use 'make rsync-extsoft' to populate the default directory.
# LOCAL_SOFT = D:/R64/extsoft

## ============== configuration macros for building R ===================

# Path of library directory containing zlib, bzlib, liblzma, pcre,
# libpng, libjpeg, libtiff.
# Use 'make rsync-extsoft' to populate the default directory.
EXT_LIBS = D:/R64/extsoft

# an alternative is to use -gstabs here, if the debugger supports only
# G_FLAG = -gdwarf-2

# Set to YES and specify the path if you want to use the ATLAS BLAS.
ATLAS_PATH =D:/home/thread0

# Support for the ACML and Goto BLASes has been withdrawn: see R-admin.html

# Define to use svnversion to set SVN-REVISION (slow, and requires a clean
# checkout with no modifications).

# With the previously recommended gcc 4.6.3 toolchain, set this to 32 or 64
# MULTI = 64
# If the toolchain's bin directory is not in your path, set this to the
# (including the trailing /, and use / not \).
# for other toolchains leave these empty and set the more detailed options

# With the recommended gcc 4.9.3 toolchain or another toolchain, set
# BINPREF and BINPREF64 (below) to the respective bin directories.
# Include the trailing /, and use / not \.
# Do this in the more detailed options below
# Set this to 32 or 64
WIN = 64

### BEGIN more detailed options
# Some of the toolchains have prefixes for e.g. ar, gcc.
# This can also be used to give the full path to the compiler,
# including a trailing / .
# BINPREF = c:/Rtools/mingw_32/bin/
# prefix for 64-bit:
BINPREF64 = D:/Rtools/mingw_64/bin/
# Set this to indicate a non-gcc compiler and version
# COMPILED_BY = <determined automatically>

# Others use a -m64 or -m32 option to select architectures
# M_ARCH = -m64
# and for as (--32 or --64)
# AS_ARCH = --64
# and for windres (-F pe-i386 or pe-x86-64)
# RC_ARCH = pe-x86-64
# and for dlltool ("-m i386 --as-flags --32" vs "-m i386:x86-64 --as-flags
DT_ARCH = -m i386:x86-64 --as-flags --64

# 32- or 64-bit Windows?
WIN = 64

# The gcc 4.9.3 64 bit toolchain is set up for the 'medium code' model and
# to remove the .refptr and .weak entries from the exports list; this is
the default
# when WIN = 64, with blank for WIN = 32:
NM_FILTER = | $(SED) -e '/[.]refptr[.]/d' -e '/[.]weak[.]/d'

# We normally link directly against DLLs,
# but this macro forces the use of import libs
# Has been needed for some versions of MinGW-w64

### END more detailed options

# set to use ICU
# path to parent of ICU headers
ICU_PATH = D:/home/ICU
ICU_LIBS = -lsicuin -lsicuuc -lsicudt -lstdc++

# set to use libcurl
# path to parent of libcurl headers
CURL_PATH = D:/home/curl
# libs: for 32-bit
# CURL_LIBS = -lcurl -lrtmp -lssl -lssh2 -lcrypto -lgdi32 -lcrypt32 -lz
-lws2_32 -lgdi32 -lcrypt32 -lwldap32 -lwinmm -lidn
# libs: for 64-bit
CURL_LIBS = -lcurl -lrtmp -lssl -lssh2 -lcrypto -lgdi32 -lcrypt32 -lz
-lws2_32 -lgdi32 -lcrypt32 -lwldap32 -lwinmm

# For the cairographics devices
# Optionally use a static build of cairographics from
# and set CAIRO_HOME to the parent of the win32/win64 directories
# If CAIRO_HOME is not set the devices are not built.
CAIRO_HOME = D:/home/cairo/src

# set this to YES to build static HTML help

# unset this if you are *not* using MiKTeX
# Recent MiKTEX does not provide texi2dvi and needs something like
TEXI2DVI = TEXINDEX=texindex.exe texify

# for texinfo >= 5.1. If the texinfo files are installed at
# TEXI2ANY = /path/to/perl -I/packages/texinfo /packages/texinfo/texi2any
# if you do not have texinfo (default),
# TEXI2ANY = missing

# additional optimization flags (use -mtune=native for a private build)
EOPTS = -mtune=native

# define to -fopenmp if the toolchain has OpenMP support
# OPENMP = -fopenmp

# define to -pthread if the toolchain has pthreads support
# PTHREAD = -pthread

## ====== configuration macros for building installer ===========

# location where Inno Setup 5.[34].x was installed. Spaces allowed.
ISDIR = D:/home/inno5

# optional location where qpdf was installed (in $(QPDF)/bin). Spaces
QPDF = D:/home/qpdf/bin

# home of 32-bit files for combined installer on 64-bit build
# HOME32 =

# Full paths of extra DLLs that need to be shipped
# e.g
# DLLs32 = c:/R/bin/pthreadGC2-w32.dll
# DLLs64 = c:/R/bin64/pthreadGC2-w64.dll
# DLLs32 =
# DLLs64 =

## ====== configuration macros for building MSI installer ===========

# location where WiX 3.x executables were installed. Spaces allowed.
# The MSI uses '/bin': other packagings may not
# WIX3DIR = C:/packages/WiX3.5/bin

# set to 1 for a non-elevated per-user installer

## =============== end of user-customizable parts  ===================


I will go through your latest post and see what are the differences. I
have used the latest version of R 3.4.3 with the latest version of rtools:

Not sure why but i have feeling that the culprit might be a setting in the


On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 10:53 AM, Avraham Adler <>

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 9:44 PM, Indrajit Sen Gupta <>
Hi All,

I am trying to compile R from source on a 64 bit Windows.

I had compiled earlier with MinGW and had created the file:
*libopenblas_haswell-r0.2.20.a. *
Hello, Indrajit.

I don't see your MkRules.local attached. In any event, perhaps try
following the directions here [1]. I've been building R with OpenBLAS
on Windows 64 for years and it almost always works. In the past year
or two, rarely, it will stop with an error. But if you restart the
make process (by just typing "make" again) it finishes with no issues
and passes make check-devel. I have not tried this with R-dev, though.
R 3.4.3 Patched (2018-01-03 r74042) is the most recent I have built

Good luck,



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