Dear R Developers,

I noticed that `basename` and `dirname` always return "UTF-8" on Windows 
(tested with R-4.0.0 and R-3.6.3):

> p <- "Föö/Bär"
> Encoding(p)
[1] "latin1"
> Encoding(dirname(p))
[1] "UTF-8"
> Encoding(basename(p))
[1] "UTF-8"

Is this on purpose?  At least I did not find any relevant comment in the 
documentation of `dirname`/`basename`.

Background: I'm currently struggeling with a directory name containing a 
latin1-character.  (I know that this is a bad idea, but I did not create the 
directory and I cannot rename it.)  I now want to pass a latin1-directory name 
to a function, which internally uses `tools::makeLazyLoadDB`.  At that point, 
internally, `dirname` is called, which changes the encoding, and things break.  
If I use `debug` to halt the processing and "fix" the encoding, things work as 

So, if possible, I would prefer that `dirname` and `basename` preserve the 

Best regards

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