Two quick updates:

I will (probably) merge the Markdown support code into the patchDVI package (currently in the RmdConcord branch), instead of creating a new package. So install instructions should be:


I need to finish some integration with patchDVI and finalize my decision before merging that code into the main branch of patchDVI, but it's basically working now.

Secondly, with John Nash's help, I've identified some important limitations of the current Pandoc support. Most importantly, Markdown citations (e.g. [@doe99]) are not handled. Apparently this extension is being worked on, but there's no predicted completion date. All the limitations that I know about are now documented in the patchDVI vignette.

Duncan Murdoch

On 26/11/2022 8:54 a.m., Duncan Murdoch wrote:
I submitted some code to support concordances to R-devel, and wrote this
blog article about it:

(Concordances are links from a source file to pre-processed output from
Sweave or knitr.)

In the article I said "as far as I know, Pandoc doesn’t support any way
to relate input lines to output lines", and asked to be corrected if
that was wrong.  I was corrected!  Heather Turner pointed me in the
direction of this:

She also worked out the initial details of how to make use of it.
Thanks Heather!

I have now put together a package called RmdConcord (see which exports R Markdown drivers
that incorporate concordances.  This means that previewers like TeXworks
that support Synctex will now synchronize the output with the true
input, which makes editing a lot easier.  If you have complaints from
HTML Tidy about your vignettes, they should also refer to the original
source now.

The package requires changes to the knitr package to support
concordances in R Markdown documents, and to the backports package to
support the R-devel concordance additions in earlier versions of R.
I've submitted pull requests to both packages to include these changes,
but in the meantime, you will need to install my devel versions of them:


If anyone is interested in testing this, I'd appreciate bug reports and

Duncan Murdoch

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