>>>>> Alexey Sergushichev writes:

Thanks.  This is now fixed for the upcoming 4.3.0 release.


> HI,
> I've noticed what I think is an incorrect behavior of stats::psmirnov
> function and consequently of ks.test when run in an exact mode.

> For example:
> psmirnov(1, sizes=c(50, 50), z=1:100, two.sided = FALSE, lower.tail = F,
> exact=TRUE)

> produces 2.775558e-15

> However, the exact value should be 1/combination(100, 50), which is
> 9.9e-30. While the absolute error is small, the relative error is huge, and
> it is not fixed by setting option log.p=T

> To compare, SciPy has a correct implementation in scipy.stats.ks_2samp:
> scipy.stats.ks_2samp(list(range(1,51)), list(range(51, 101)),
> alternative="greater", method="exact")
> returns 9.911653021418333e-30.

> I've tried to dig in a bit and the problem comes down to how the final
> value is calculated in psmirnov function:

>     if (log.p & !lower.tail)
>         return(log1p(-ret/exp(logdenom)))
>     if (!log.p & !lower.tail)
>         return(1 - ret/exp(logdenom))

> There exp(logdenom) is a relatively good (but not perfect) approximation of
> combination(100, 50) = 1.008913e+29, ret is also a good approximation of
> combination(100, 50)-1 = 1.008913e+29 but there is not enough double
> precision for 1 - ret/exp(logdenom) to capture 1/combination(100, 50).

> I don't have time to provide a fix, at least not now, but I think this
> behavior (good absolute error, but poor relative error for small values)
> should at least be mentioned in the manual of the methods psmirnov and/or
> ks.test

> Best,
> Alexey Sergushichev

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