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I am trying to use a C++ library I have to read some data into R. I've gone over the "Writing R Extensions" page and some of the archives, but am left somewhat confused (and I'm still very new to R!).

What I want to do is fairly simple. Given some parameters, I'd like to read a string of numbers from a proprietary binary file into an array. I have a C++ library that will read anything I need from this file.

What is the best way to do this? Can someone give me any pointers to sample code?

You might be able to write a C wrapper around your C++ code and link that into R, so R can get the data directly from a .C() call to your wrapper function. See Writing R Extensions for details.

One possibility I've considered is writing a small unix command line program that, given the parameters, will return the string of numbers. Is there a way to "capture" this from R into an array?

Yes, this way will also work, please read the R Data Import/Export manual and ?connection.

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