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    UweL> Vadim Ogranovich wrote:
    >> Hi,
>> >> I am writing a light-weight data frame class and want to
    >> borrow the test cases from the standard data frame. I
    >> found the test cases in
    >> library/base/R-ex/, but surprisingly
    >> no corresponding .Rout files. In fact there is no *.Rout
    >> file in the entire tarball. Not that I cann't generate
    >> them, but I am just curious why they are not there? How
    >> does the base package get tested?
>> >> Thanks, Vadim

    UweL> The base packages have their test cases in ...R/tests
    UweL> rather than ....R/src/library/packagename

yes, and the *examples* from the help pages are just run, and
not compared to prespecified output in * (sic!) files.
In an *installed* (not the source!) version of R or an R package you find the R code for all the examples from the help pages in <pkg>/R-ex/*.R. That's the same for all R packages, not just the standard


I'll expand a bit on Martin's comment. It is hard to test the output of all examples because some examples use random numbers, and for others the precision may vary a bit on different platforms. I typically add important examples to the tests directory, set the random number generation, and compare results within tolerances that work on different platforms.

Paul Gilbert

Martin Maechler

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