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When I type an open paren the (otherwise absolutely wonderful) help dialog at the bottom crashes R.

Are you talking about the console or the editor?

For example


[all is well


2005-05-27 14:13:14.843 R[478] *** -[NSCFDate characterAtIndex:]: selector not recognized 2005-05-27 14:13:14.881 R[478] *** NSTimer discarding exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException' (reason '*** -[NSCFDate characterAtIndex:]: selector not recognized') that raised during firing of timer with target 3c8350 and selector 'kickstart:'

This is a very strange error and it's just a soft exception so it should cause no crash - hitting <Esc> should get you back on track. But if it was a crash (with the famous "app unexpectedly quit" message), then there should be a proper crash report - that would be more helpful in that case. Can you, please, run the debug version (from http://www.rosuda.org/R/nightly ) and send me the full report if this occurs again?

But I can't now reproduce it. Do you know about this bug?

Not directly - it's hard to tell whether this is a bug if it's not reproducible ;). Did you run any computation in R while typing this? Was a Quartz window busy plotting something at that point?


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