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Hi all ..,

I have a list of 7000 dataframes with similar column headers and I wanted to 
add a new column to each dataframe based on a certain condition which is the 
same for all dataframes.

When I extract one dataframe and apply my code it works very well as follows :-

First suppose this is my first dataframe in the list

OneDF <- Mylist[[1]]


ID       Pdate                  Tdate

1         2010-09-30       2011-05-10

2         2011-11-07       2009-09-31

3         2012-01-05        2008-06-23

To add a new column where "C" has to be written in that column only if the date 

"Tdate" column is less than the first date(row) in "Pdate" column.Otherwise 
"NA" is written.

I have written this code to do so :-

OneDF$NewCol [ OneDF[ ,3] <  OneDF[ 1,2] ] <- "C"

This gave me what I want as follows :-

ID       Pdate                  Tdate                      NewCol

1         2010-09-30       2011-05-10                NA

2         2011-11-07       2009-09-31                  C

3         2012-01-05        2008-06-23                 C

However, when I tried to apply this code in a function and then apply this 

to all dataframes using lapply() function , I do not get what I want.

I wrote this function first :-

MyFunction <- function(x) x$NewCol [ x[ ,3] <  x[ 1,2] ] <- "C"

Then I wrote this code to apply my function to all dataframes in "Mylist" :

NewList <- lapply(names(Mylist), function(x) MyFunction(Mylist[[x]]))

This returned a list of 7000 elements and each of which contain "C'' letter. 

dataframe has become a vector of "C'' letter which is totally away from what I 

  I expected to see a list of my 7000 dataframes and each of which looks like 
the output

I have shown above with the new column.

I spent a lot of time trying to know what  is the mistake I have made in these 
last two codes

but was not able to know the issue.

Could you please let me know my mistake and how to correct my syntax ?

Your function should return x after modifying it. As it is, it returns the value of x$NewCol [ x[ ,3] < x[ 1,2] ] <- "C", which is "C". So change it to

MyFunction <- function(x) {
  x$NewCol [ x[ ,3] <  x[ 1,2] ] <- "C"

Duncan Murdoch

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