I wrote an SSH tunneling package (it's on Github 
here<https://github.com/wmay/tunnelr>). It runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows, at 
least in the environments I've been able to test. I would like to get it on 
CRAN if it's possible, but writing automated tests for this package is 

Typically, connecting to a server through the package requires manually 
entering a password, which I don't think I can automate. (I don't want to allow 
the package to enter passwords itself for security reasons.) An alternative is 
to set up public and private rsa keys so that no password is required. That 
option also gets complicated.

I could imagine setting up a server solely for testing this, with a user that 
has no password, though that sounds scary. But then what happens if the server 
goes down?

A second challenge applies specifically to Windows, which is the platform I'm 
most concerned about. I'm relying on PuTTY for SSH in Windows. Is there a way 
for that to be tested on CRAN?

Should I even worry about CRAN testing for this? Will CRAN accept this package 
without tests?

And I was surprised that an SSH tunneling package didn't already exist (I found 
it really convenient to control SSH tunneling from within R). Is there another 
reason it doesn't exist yet, or is it just the testing challenges?

- Will

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