On 21/09/2016 7:57 AM, S Ellison wrote:
> How can I link to a certain page on CRAN without getting flagged for non-
> canonical CRAN URL forms?

In the interests of avoiding something that may change in future if CRAN is 
restructured, would it be sufficient to include the link to the vignette on the 
project home page you put in the DESCRIPTION file URL?

Or perhaps <heresy>you could sidestep cran URL checking by using a bit.ly link 
pointed at your vignette, or similar redirect</heresy>... that might even be easier 
to maintain if you move your vignette.

In other words, try to mislead CRAN. If you are caught doing that, you won't get much sympathy in the future.

Why not just link to the copy of the vignette that is distributed with the package? That will work even if your Internet connection doesn't. Just use a relative URL. To link from vignette1.html to vignette2.html, use URL "vignette2.html". They'll be installed in the same directory when the package is installed, so the relative link will work.

Duncan Murdoch

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