Dear all,

I am trying to create a R interface to a C++ library which itself uses
cmake as its build tool.

For experimenting the idea, I copy the entire source of the library to
a sub-directory of "inst" and call "cmake" in the "configure" script,
then call "make", which generates a static library.

In another package, I write C code that interfacing with R and provide
the PKG_LIBS variable with the path of the static library.

This approach works on my machine (openSUSE), I would like to try to
port it to windows in future. Since this package needs cmake at build
time, is it possible to add cmake to the win-builder?
And I have found two previous discussions about cmake:


Also, I am in fact relative new to the build tools, do you have any
suggestions or comments on the approach taken? The two packages are:

1. (ship the C++ library)

Any help would be appreciated.


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