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> * checking CRAN incoming feasibility ... NOTE
> Maintainer: ‘Ian Walker <
> i.wal...@bath.ac.uk
> >’  

This NOTE is there for CRAN staff to have another look at the
Maintainer: field in case this is someone's first submission or there
is a change in package ownership.

> Possibly mis-spelled words in DESCRIPTION:
>   DEMs (7:503)
>   STL (7:47)
>   stereolithography (7:52)
>   stl (7:24)

These should be explained in the "Optional comment" field in the CRAN
submission form.

> The build time stamp is missing.

> Checking should be performed on sources prepared by ‘R CMD build’.

How exactly do you build and check your package? It is recommended to
run the command "R CMD build ." in the source directory of the package,
then "R CMD check mypackage_version.tar.gz" (substituting the name of
the newly generated file for mypackage_version.tar.gz).

> These two .stl files are simply mentioned in the documentation's
> example code - they're files that would be created if somebody ran
> the example code; they're not in the R package I've created.

It might be a better idea to use file.temp() for these file paths. CRAN
policy says that packages should not write files anywhere besides R's
session temporary directory unless user explicitly passes the the path.

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