I added two data sets (.rda) to my package eha, but when I build the new version I get:

WARNING: Added dependency on R >= 3.5.0 because serialized objects in serialize/load version 3 cannot be read in older versions of R. File(s) containing such objects: ‘eha/data/swedeaths.rda’ ‘eha/data/swepop.rda’

In DESCRIPTION I have 'Depends: R (>= 3.0.0)'

After googling for a while (found nothing relevant in 'WRE'), I understand that I have two options: (i) Change 'Depends' in DESCRIPTION as suggested, and (ii) using save with 'version = 2' for the new files.

And, if I am recommended to choose (i), should I recreate the old data files with 'version = 3'?

My guess is go for (i) and version = 3 for all data files, but I feel that I need advise.

Thanks, Göran

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