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> The package itself has no parallelism built-in, but Imports
> data.table. This NOTE does not surface on other platforms (eg using
> rhub or on my GitHub actions runners). My unit tests already limit
> data.table to 2 cores using setDTthreads(2), but I would like to keep
> this line out of the help files for my functions.

A breakpoint on pthread_create confirms that these are OpenMP threads
created by data.table. You can wrap setDTthreads(2) in \dontshow{} to
avoid visual pollution:

> I receive the NOTE that my libs/ sub-directory is at 7.7Mb. Can I
> ignore this or do I need to figure out how to reduce the binary size
> of the package?

I think this is typically accepted for packages using C++.

> And last but not least, on some rhub instances (Fedora and Ubuntu
> GCC) I receive a NOTE that the package runs its examples too slowly
> (eg above 5secs). I have already tweaked the example code already
> that it runs reliably <4 secs on my development laptop

Then it should be fine.

Additionally, you may need to cast some of your Rprintf arguments to
avoid format warnings on Windows:

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