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> After somme minor midficiations, I make a try on the winbuilder site.
> I was able to build the archive with the static library
> but I get again a Bad address error. You can have a look to
> https://win-builder.r-project.org/bw47qsMX3HTd/00install.out

I think that Win-Builder is running out of memory. It took some
experimenting, but I was able to reproduce something like this using
the following:

1. Set the swap file in the Windows settings to minimal recommended
size and disable its automatic growth

2. Write and run a program that does malloc(LARGE_NUMBER); getchar();
so that almost all physical memory is allocated

3. Run gcc -DFOO=`/path/to/Rscript -e 'some script'` & many times

I got a lot of interesting errors, including the "Bad address":

1: .getGeneric(f, , package) : internal error -4 in R_decompress1
2: package "methods" in options("defaultPackages") was not found

0 [main] bash (2892) child_copy: cygheap read copy failed,
0x0..0x800025420, done 0, windows pid 2892, Win32 error 299

0 [main] bash (3256) C:\rtools43\usr\bin\bash.exe: *** fatal error in
forked process - MEM_COMMIT failed, Win32 error 1455

-bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable

-bash: R-devel/bin/Rscript.exe: Bad address

Your package is written in C++, but that by itself shouldn't disqualify
it. On my Linux computer, /usr/bin/time R -e
'install.packages("MixAll")' says that the installation takes slightly
less than a gigabyte of memory ("912516maxresident k"), which is par
the course for such packages. (My small Rcpp-using package takes
approximately half a gigabyte by the same metric.)

I'm still not 100% sure (if Win-Builder is running out of memory, why
are you seeing "Bad address" only and not the rest of the carnage?),
but I'm not seeing a problem with your package, either. If EFAULT is
Cygwin's way of saying "I caught a bad pointer in your system call"
(which, I must stress, is happening inside /bin/sh, not your package
or even R at all), it's not impossible that Win-Builder is having
hardware problems. Unfortunately, they take a lot of effort and
downtime to diagnose and could be hiding anywhere from RAM to the power

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