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Sebastian Meyer <seb.me...@fau.de> wrote:

> There is a note on your help page that says
> These data are **not** immediately available in the `eglhmm` package.
> which seems to be in line with the check warning.

OK.  Thanks.  Now that you have pointed this out, it's all too obvious.
The user is invited to install the monoCyteSim package (from a specified
github repository).  After the user has done so, then the data sets
bivarSim and ccSim are available in the usual way.

When I ran R CMD check without the --as-cran flag, there was no problem
because I had already installed the monoCyteSim package on my local
computer.  *With* that flag, R CMD check carries on as if it were
looking at the eghlmm package in the context of running on a CRAN
server.  This server would *not* have the monoCyteSim package
installed, whence it would not be able to find the data sets bivarSim
and ccCM, whence the warning.  Makes perfect sense now.

It turns out I can make the warning go away by removing the lines


They serve no useful purpose and are not required.

Thanks again.


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