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> I am unable to immediately see where in the test suite this error has
> occurred.

Without testthat, you would have gotten a line by line printout of the code, 
letting you pinpoint the (top-level) place of the crash. With
testthat, you will need a more verbose reporter that would print tests
as they are executed to find out which test causes the crash.

> The only hunch I have is that the package uses C code and includes
> structs with arrays on the stack, which perhaps are excessive for the
> Intel check machine, but am far from confident that's the issue.

According to GNU cflow, your only recursive C functions are
getListElement (from getListElement.c) and nthOffset (from Offset.c),
but the recursion seems bounded in both cases.

I've tried looking for variable-length arrays in your code using a
Coccinelle patch, but found none. If you had variable-bounded recursion
or variable-length stack arrays (VLA or alloca()), it would be prudent
to use R_CheckStack() or R_CheckStack2(size_of_VLA), but your C code
contains neither, so there's no obvious culprit. If you know about
R-level recursion happening in your code and have a way to reduce it,
that might help too.

Otherwise, it's time to install Intel Everything and reproduce and
debug the problem the hard way.

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