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> to achieve this the initial focus is on exploring the possibility of
> renaming the packages so that they share a common prefix, making it
> easier for uses to locate them in the package list.

CRAN package names are long-term identifiers. Assume that there are
many users happy with the packages as they are. If you rename a
package, they will have to patch their scripts and their own packages
just to keep them working as before. Red Queen's race is not something
people like to participate in.

It is certainly not impossible to rename a package, but there has to be
a very good reason to break backwards compatibility and assume a new
name, while the old name stays in the archive, unavailable for new

Here are some past responses to similar questions:


> If you believe there are alternative strategies to achieve a similar
> result, please feel free to share your perspective.

There are approximately 20000 active packages on CRAN. Looking for
useful packages by scanning a list of names will not be very effective.
Better results can be achieved using tools like RSiteSearch
<https://search.r-project.org/>. If you want a package to be more
visible, request its addition to a Task View
<https://cran.r-project.org/web/views/>. If some packages are related,
make them link to each other in their documentation. David's options
are all very good.

> Additionally, I'm looking into the prospect of merging two packages
> that contain similar functionalities. The aim is to create a more
> comprehensive package by incorporation additional features and
> ensuring seamless compatibility.

The previous point about keeping backwards compatibility still stands.
It should be possible to move all the functions to one package and then
import() it from the other package. Both packages can then export() all
functions, making them available to the dependencies of either package.
Eventually, the skeleton package may grow packageStartupMessage()s
letting the users know that it is deprecated and could they please use
the other package instead. After a while, it should be possible to
archive the skeleton package. But deprecation cycles should be long:
for example, rgeos and rgdal took more than a year to retire

Or do you intend to come up with a completely new API? Beware of the
second system effect (although it's certainly not unheard of for second
system projects to succeed).

The spatstat package went through the opposite process a few years ago:
it grew too big and had to be split into multiple packages. Here's one
of its maintainers sharing the experience:

What is the nature of your final year project? If it can include
technical writing, you could add well-written vignettes to the packages
(only one of the CRAN packages maintained by people @uah.es has a
vignette, and it's very terse). If it has to be mostly programming or
maintenance of R packages, I'm out of ideas.

Either way, good luck, and I hope your project succeeds!

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