On 24.01.2024 16:38, Emmanuel Blondel wrote:
if XML is deprecated, then what would be the choice for a package maintainer? Move to xml2 probably at some point I assume

I use XML in the R packages I've been developing. For some of them, I started before CRAN started being the maintainer, and before xml2 inception. The thing is that XML fulfills requirements, it works and fulfills needs of depending packages that made the choice to use it. For this, it deserves to be maintained in CRAN, without having to enter into comparison exercices with other packages that , as of today, may be better to rely on (with certainly very good reasons).

Moving to xml2 (or whatever other package), which although I could agree on the principle, can be costly for packages that use extensively XML. Doing so would mean that we first get the assurance that all XML features are covered elsewhere, and can be migrated smoothly.

In any case, please acknowledge that this kind of migration may take time and require resources that vary (or even are missing) depending on the package projects. I doubt having CRAN setting a common deadline for retirement is a good way to foster an efficient maintenance of R packages depending on XML. It would be good to receive guidance how to migrate, while ensuring backward compatibility on our package features.

We learned that it is hard to fade out XML support, and CRAN took over maintainance as XML had too many reverse dependencies. CRAN certainly does not have the resources to be able to deprecate XML in the same way as Roger Bivand did for rgdal. So now we are looking for a new maintainer on a public list, feel free to raise your hand and take over. Then you could even consider to deprecate it and help other maintainers to migrate.

I won't spend more time on any discussions. We are just looking for a volunteer.

Uwe Ligges


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On Mon, Jan 22, 2024 at 3:51 PM Uwe Ligges
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Dear package developers,

the CRAN team (and Professor Ripley in particular) has been the defacto
maintainer of CRAN package 'XML'.
Our hope was that maintainers of packages depending on XML will migrate
to other packages for reading XML structures. This has not happened and
we still see dozens of strong dependencies on XML.
How is this hope communicated? Many R users assume that XML package is
in great shape and the preferable choice because it is maintained by
the CRAN team and r-core members.

Perhaps one could follow the precedent from the rgdal retirement, and
set a deadline.

One way to communicate this effectively would be by introducing a
formal deprecation field in the package description. This could then
be displayed on the XML CRAN html page, and when loading the package
interactively. Other packages that import such a deprecated package
could be given a CMD check warning.

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