On 23 February 2024 at 15:53, Leo Mada wrote:
| Dear Dirk & R-Members,
| It seems that the version number is not incremented:
| # Archived
| arrow_14.0.2.1.tar.gz   2024-02-08 11:57  3.9M
| # Pending
| arrow_14.0.2.1.tar.gz   2024-02-08 18:24  3.9M
| Maybe this is the reason why it got stuck in "pending".

No it is not.

The hint to increase version numbers on re-submission is a weaker 'should' or
'might', not a strong 'must'.

I have uploaded a few packages to CRAN over the last two decades, and like
others have made mistakes requiring iterations. I have not once increased a
version number.  If/when CRAN sees an error in its (automated, largely)
processing, the package is moved and the space is cleared allowing a fresh
upload. (Of course you cannot upload under the same filename twice _before_
the initial processing. By default uploads do not overwrite.)  Arhive/ is
distinct from pending.  POSIX semantics on times also help: your example
clearly shows that the one in archived is older by about 6 1/2 hours. 

That said, in case there are multiple rounds of email and discussion having
distinct numbers may ease identification of the particular package and
discussion thread. But it still makes sense to have this be a suggestion, not
a requirement.
Cheers, Dirk

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