Hello everyone,

I encountered a note in the CRAN package check results for the package I 
submitted and need some guidance on how to address it. The note appears under 
two flavors: r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-clang, r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc.

The specific issue details are:
Check Details
Version: 1.0.4
Check: HTML version of manual
Result: NOTE
    Found the following problems:
    gesca.run.Rd:127:1: Warning: trimming empty <p>
    gesca.run.Rd:153:1: Warning: trimming empty <p>
    gesca.run.Rd:163:1: Warning: trimming empty <p>

Could anyone provide insights or suggestions on how to resolve this warning?

Thank you!

        [[alternative HTML version deleted]]

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