Could you show us the install and check logs for the problematic platform?

I don't think you'd get to the message you quote unless the install succeeded, so I think your diagnosis of the problem isn't right. But maybe I'm wrong about that, and the install failed, perhaps because the Quarto tools were not available.

Duncan Murdoch

On 26/02/2024 10:34 a.m., Christophe Dervieux wrote:

I am trying to release a new version of the quarto R package. This new
version is adding support for a new vignette engine that will use quarto
CLI ( when available. The vignettes inside the package
itself are '.qmd' files built with quarto.

While developing the feature, I noticed that R CMD check will query for
vignette engines information, and it will find engine in already installed
package (with `tools:::vignetteEngine`). So a package adding a new engine,
and using this engine for its vignette only works when the package is
installed before check.

Automated checks works ok on `r-devel-windows-x86_64`, but fails on
`r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc` because of this note

Check: package vignettes, Result: NOTE
   Package has 'vignettes' subdirectory but apparently no vignettes.
   Perhaps the 'VignetteBuilder' information is missing from the

I believe this happens because the package is not installed, so when R CMD
Check is doing the vignette checking, it won't find the quarto vignette

I am trying to understand what I could do for this package release,
considering checks are ok on windows r-devel, and only having the NOTE on
debian environment.

Should I consider this a false positive for this specific case ? Is there
any consideration to take for adding a new engine ?

Thank you

Christophe Dervieux

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