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Shouldn’t you include the y argument also inmyscale.default ? Your generic is 
defining that argument as well.

I assume (hopefully correctly) that methods don't need to include all the arguments of 
the generic. I get the same warning if I use "..." instead of y, too.

No, your assumption is backwards. The methods do need to include all arguments of the generic. As Writing R Extensions says near the start of section 7, "A method must have all the arguments of the generic, including … if the generic does."

Think about your user. They'll ask about help for `inmyscale`, and see that it has two arguments, x and y. If x is a type that goes to `inmyscale.default`, the user would receive an error when they followed the docs and included the y value.

The usual way to handle this is to include both x and y in all methods, but document some of them to say that y is ignored.

Duncan Murdoch

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