Dear all,

A revised version of OutliersO3 is available on CRAN:

The package has been restructured.  The default is now that the tolerance level 
is set individually for each of the (six) outlier methods included.  Plots have 
been added, as have outlier tables and scores for further analysis.  It is also 
possible to draw an O3 plot using your own outlier identification method, see 
the vignette for more details.

There are four vignettes to illustrate the use of the package.

Queries, comments, suggestions are welcome.  Thanks to Michael Friendly, 
Tae-Rae Kim, Nina Wu, and, in particular, Bill Venables for their comments on 
the old version.



Professor Antony Unwin
Mathematics Institute,
University of Augsburg, 
86135 Augsburg, Germany
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