Brian - Get over yourself!  That was an A++ response in terms of being obnoxious, smug 
and condescending. I wasn't looking for anyone to do any internet searches high atop 
their Ivory Tower, it was a simple question that I was hoping someone had a similar 
experience with.  Trust me, I've done plenty of searches on this topic and my 
"google fu" skills are on par with yours.  I saw the same inquiry you probably 
saw w/ your search results, but the user with my problem never confirmed if he figured it 
out despite asking a couple of times on the thread.  If he's asking the same follow-up 
question more than once then chances are he never got it working.  

As far as "hijacking the thread" it was a simple post that seemed appropriate 
for the topic but I am so sorry if I offended you, or anyone else, for breaking the 
unwritten rules. Look, I've been an R user for 2.5 years but my skills are nowhere near 
90%, hell maybe 100% of the people here -- if I were to post this as a standalone 
question there wouldn't be a single response.  Half the subscribers would be laughing 
behind their keyboard. Posting here is only a matter of last resort, so sometimes you 
gotta take your shot.  

PS - I did figure it out though, all of the packages were properly installed so 
that wasn't the problem....and thankfully I'm not crazy!  But it was a simple 
fix in hindsight and I'm sure all of you experienced it at one point or another 

On Sep 20, 2016, at 08:33 AM, "Brian G. Peterson" <> wrote:

On Mon, 2016-09-19 at 23:08 +0000, Jason Hart wrote:
I've never been able to get portfolioanalytics to work for me. It
looks like a nice little addition to the R arsenal but we just weren't
meant to work together. I figured what the heck I'll try this code
and I got the same error message I usually get:

Error in optimize.portfolio(R = returns, portfolio = pspec,
optimize_method = "pso", :
unused arguments (R = returns, portfolio = pspec, optimize_method =
"pso", trace = TRUE)

I've installed all the dependent (or at least I think I have) but to
no avail. I installed pso, all the different ROI packages, Rcmdr.
I've seen other people with the same issue but did not see a

Really? Which "other people"? Link?
My Google-fu only turned up one other instance of this error, and the
error was reportedly resolved by installing the dependencies.

Any help is much appreciated.


Please don't hijack the thread. People who use threaded mail readers
will have difficulty following or finding your question.

Assuming you used the script from the prior thread, I had no problem
running that code on multiple machines and R versions.
The error itself suggests that something is masking objects like
optimize.portfolio in your .GlobalEnv, but without more information
there's nothing to diagnose.

Please try to follow the posting guide:

At a minimum, please provide the output of



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