...sorry, I missed one step: you need to extract the elevation values to your 
points via extract function from the raster package:

YourPoints$YourExtractedElevationValues <- extract(x = DEM, y = YourPoints)

autoKrige(YourMeasurements ~ YourExtractedElevationValues, 
YourMeasurementLocations, TargetGrid)

Sorry for spamming. 


On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 08:03:41 +0000
Stefano Sofia <stefano.so...@regione.marche.it> wrote:

> Dear list users,
> I have to produce rainfall maps. I know how to create a (bi-dimensional) grid 
> and interpolate rainfall values (from automatic rain gauges) on that grid 
> using Kriging:
> myinterpolation <- autoKrige(myrainfall_cumulate ~ 1, rain_data_UTM, mygrid)
> In reality I am dealing with snowfall values on mountain regions, and in this 
> case altitude is an important factor, the use of a Digital Elevation Model 
> might make the difference.
> Looking in the web I found some important material about accessing elevation 
> data in R with the "elevatr" package (by J.W.Hollister), I am reading it.
> My concern would then be to interpolate snowfall values on a Digital 
> Elevation Model. Did somebody already use R for these kinds of calculations? 
> Could somebody share with me some useful hints?
> Thank you for your attention
> Stefano Sofia
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