I tried to compute the Moran's I statistics using GIS and R. However, I got
different values.

Could you please brief me how the difference can occurs?

Using GIS

 Global Moran's I Summary

Moran's Index:   0.151485

Expected Index:  -0.007692

Variance:        0.001040

z-score:         4.935027

p-value:         0.000001

Using R

Moran I test under randomisation

data:  Dat$allprop

weights: Xlist

Moran I statistic standard deviate = 0.82453, p-value = 0.4096

alternative hypothesis: two.sided

sample estimates:

Moran I statistic       Expectation          Variance

      0.034154753      -0.007299270       0.002527644

NB: in the neighbour links there are 2 regions with no links

Thank you for any help

*Regards, *


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