This is the first public call for abstracts / workshop proposals for the
Open-Earth Monitor Global Workshop.

Organized by OpenGeoHub foundation in collaboration with Eurac Research,
the Open-Earth-Monitor Global Workshop 2023 will bring together European
and global actors in the field of open-source Earth Observation
applications in policy, business, research and for society.

4–8 September 2023, Eurac Earth Observations Institute, Bolzano (Italy)
Global Workshop for Open Source development communities
"Connecting open EO solutions to boost European and global goals"
Note the abstract submission deadline: 1st of March 2023.

For more info:

This is a not-for-profit event partially sponsored by various Horizon
Europe projects and with registrations fees based on a cost-recovery

PS: Without any special sentiment towards Twitter and its new owner
(personally I plan to stay present on Twitter), we are in process of
migrating public discussions to **Mastodon** i.e. our channels on is part of the
decentralized social network powered by Mastodon. Mastodon is a major
inspiration for our OEMC project ( aiming at
decentralized, federated but seamlessly integrated platform, hence there
are many reasons for you to also open an account on Mastodon (you need to
apply for an account, then once approved you can customize it download an
app on your phone) and connect with everyone you are already probably
connected via Twitter. Read more about Mastodon in e.g.:

Unfortunately mastodon does not support markdown or similar (well, you can
share screenshots) so def not a place for debugging but there is plenty of
other functionality that open source devs could profit from:

Hope to see you in Bolzano and (in the meantime) on Mastodon!

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