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In converting a raster as the one below to a data frame, I have an issue of
memory allocation only when I use a specific pc, and in particular the one
with more memory. To be more precise (using same version of R 4.2.2 and
Terra terra 1.6.47, by means of function):

with a I5 processor with 8Gb of memory, windows 10 it works

with a I7 processor with 16gb of memory, windows 11 it doesn't

I'm not able to figure out a possible explanation!
Any suggestions on what to check?

dimensions  : 5000, 5000, 18  (nrow, ncol, nlyr)
resolution  : 30, 30  (x, y)
extent      : -8526.878, 141473.1, 4110588, 4260588  (xmin, xmax, ymin,
coord. ref. : WGS 84 / UTM zone 45N (EPSG:32645)
source      : multyMadRes2c.tif


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