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There are some broken links in the WorldClim website. If you find one, you can write to Although I have negative experiences, you should try this way.
Anyway, the global, non-tiled raster can be downloaded from this link:

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Ákos Bede-Fazekas
Centre for Ecological Research, Hungary

2023.01.24. 23:29 keltezéssel, Manuel Spínola írta:
Dear list members,

I am trying to download CMIP6 climate model data using the R package
geodata but I got this error message:

bio <- cmip6_tile(lon = -84, lat = 10,"ACCESS-CM2", "126", "2021-2040",
var="bioc", path = "climate_ckange")
trying URL '
Error in utils::download.file(url = url, destfile = filename, quiet =
quiet,  :
   cannot open URL '
download failed

I cannot even download the data using the worldclim website.

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