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The R package rgrass7 interfacing R and GRASS GIS will be removed from
active availability on the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) during
October 2023; it will be archived on CRAN. This is because the successor
rgrass package has been available since mid-2022, and because the rgdal
package on which rgrass7 depends for exchanging files between R and GRASS
GIS will also be archived in October 2023, as described in R-spatial
evolution project [0] reports [1].

The main change between rgrass7 and rgrass is that terra is used in place
of rgdal for file transfer between R and GRASS. rgrass7 functions have been
marked asdeprecated for almost a year now, and maintainers of packages
using rgrass7 have been notified. Please also refer to for more

A special thanks to Roger for your commitment and contributions!!



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