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Hello, again,

I've given up my work with leaflet, trying to map my neighborhood with
US Census boundaries. Even though it was quick and easy to add the
Census boundaries to the map, I couldn't create the labels I wanted (see Also,
it seems like leaflet added a lot of overhead that I didn't need, such
as interactive maps. I just need a color printed 2D map for my use.

I'm now trying to work with tigris and OpenStreetMap, but I can't draw
the US Census boundaries on the OSM map. Here's what I have so far:

## Experiment, using sf:
options(tigris_use_cache = TRUE)
## library(sp)
## library(ggplot2)

lat_max <- 39.3525 #Distance from 39.35 to 39.34 = 0.691mi
long_max <- -76.617 #Distance from -76.61 to -76.62 = 0.5343 mi
lat_min <- 39.3455
long_min <- -76.6095
nw <- c(lat_max, long_max)
se <- c(lat_min, long_min)

rw_map <- openmap(nw, se,
                   type = "osm",
                   mergeTiles = TRUE) %>%
     openproj() %>%
     OpenStreetMap::autoplot.OpenStreetMap() +
     xlab("long") + ylab("lat")


rw_tract <- tracts(state = "MD",
                     county = "Baltimore city",
                     year = "2020") %>%
     filter(NAME == "2711.01")
     ## openproj()
     ## st_transform('+proj=longlat +datum=WGS84')
     ## spTransform('osm')

OpenStreetMap::autoplot.OpenStreetMap(rw_tract, add = TRUE)

The commented out sections show some of the things I've tried so far.
I'd like to be able to draw the rw_tract geometry data on the rw_map
image. What I'd like is a 'addPolygon()' function in OpenStreetMap, like
I found in leaflet.

Can anyone offer me any suggestions or advice for accomplishing my task?
Thanks so much.


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