On 12/03/2018 23:01, Julia Silge wrote:
Hello there! I maintain the tidytext package:

Recently I have been working to get tidytext to build on R-oldrel, and I
believe that v0.1.7 should do so. The check page above shows that v0.1.6 is
what is being checked for OSX on R-oldrel, though. (I do not expect v0.1.6
to pass on R-oldrel.)

Does anyone know why the most recent version isn't being tested?

My understanding is that packages for r-oldrel-osx-x86_64 will not be updated as the build machine has died. Simon Urbanek has asked CRAN to remove those results, and doing so is in progress.

If you look at


you will see the last package built was on 2018-01-11 .

In any case, package support for R-oldrel (3.3.x) officially finishes once the following series (3.4.x) is signed off, which is on Thursday this week.


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