On 14/01/2021 1:06 p.m., Gregory Coats via R-SIG-Mac wrote:
macOS Big Sur has shipped with all Apple Mac computers since Thu 2020-11-12.
The web site https://mac.r-project.org/ shows that as of Thu 2021-01-14 00:56
1. R compiled for Big Sur for Macs with the Intel CISC x86_64 chip is not 
2. R compiled for Big Sur for Macs with the Apple M1 RISC chip (=ARM64) FAILED 
to compile.
So, R is not available to any of us who have bought Apple Mac computers in the 
past 2 months.

A note posted to R-SIG-Mac on Thu 2021-01-14 by Brian Ripley says
"The goal remains to release a native binary distribution with R 4.1.0 about April 
A similar note posted on Fri 2021-01-08 said
"We hope this will be solved by the end of January 2021."

Waiting until April 2021 to run an application on a computer purchased in Nov 
2020 seems like a very long wait. I suggest a goal of releasing R compiled for 
Big Sur for Macs with the Intel CISC x86_64 chip before the end of January 2021.
Greg Coats

You are being quite rude, repeating the same incorrect information.

Prof Ripley's notes were not about your system, they were about the M1 Macs.

For your system,


contains a build of R 4.0.3 that is "for macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and higher". That's what Jean Thiolouse was referring to.

It's possible that the package on CRAN doesn't work on your system, but it doesn't sound as if you've tried it.

Duncan Murdoch

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