Hello all,
I just wanted to let the readers of this list know about a technical session
that may be of general interest, at this year's Geological Society of
America 2011, which will be held in Minneapolis, 9-12 October 2011. This
session, which was proposed by my colleague Emily King and I, will focus on
analyses that use both the fossil record and phylogenetic data to
investigate evolutionary dynamics, such as diversification, evolutionary
rates and trends. Emily and I would really love to see both work that
combines molecular phylogenies with fossil data or work that uses
phylogenies of fossil data. If you're doing anything that sounds like it
might fit in, we encourage you to submit an abstract for our session (T61)
and give an oral presentation on your work.

Those of you who are classical biologists might be thinking "But Dave, what
am I going to do at a geology conference?" GSA 2011 is pretty much the big
annual meeting for North American paleontologists and so one can find
interesting paleobiology-related sessions running from the start of the
conference to its end. There tends to be a large number of general sessions
on morphometrics, diversification, macroevolutionary dynamics, functional
morphology and mass extinctions. This year, the Paleontological Society is
also sponsoring special technical sessions on "*Species and Speciation in
the Fossil Record" and "**Lessons from the Living: Paleontological
Investigations Using Modern Analogs".*

You can find out more about GSA 2011 and submit your abstract online
The abstract fee is $35.00 for professionals and $20.00 for students. The
deadline is July 26th, 2011.

Please let me or Emily know if you have any questions.
-Dave Bapst, UChicago

David Bapst
Dept of Geophysical Sciences
University of Chicago
5734 S. Ellis
Chicago, IL 60637

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