Dear everyone,

Is there any straight forward way to do deltran specific parsimony ancestral 
character state reconstruction in R?

I already know about using Phangorn for MPR and acctran. The function 
fitch.mvsl in the package mvSLOUCH may be useable but the documentation for the 
output of that function is not particularly useful, it's difficult to work out 
which state goes with which node on the tree. Apparently fitch.mvsl is modified 
from fitch in the slouch package but I can't seem to find documentation for 
that on CRAN, it just points me back at the mvSLOUCH package.

Maybe it's as simple as changing a value or sign in a function within in the phangorn package, but if that's the case it's not obvious 
from the code.

Natural History Museum London.

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