Hi all,

I noted a few weeks ago that I had restored the http://r-phylo.org 
<http://r-phylo.org/> wiki, and for now I will keep renewing the r-phylo.org 
<http://r-phylo.org/> domain name. As some of you may be aware, I have also 
held the rphylo.org <http://rphylo.org/> domain, as a remnant from NESCent’s 
December 2007 Comparative Methods in R hackathon (because at the time of the 
hackathon the long-term name variant hadn’t been settled yet). (BTW not 
everyone may be aware anymore that this list is an outcome of that hackathon, 
too :-)

The rphylo.org <http://rphylo.org/> domain is up for renewal by Dec 16, and I 
am not planning to renew it. If someone else in the community is interested in 
taking care of or using the domain name (for whatever purpose - no strings 
attached), let me know off-list in the next few days and I will transfer it to 
you. (If you have a commercial affiliation, I reserve to ask to be reimbursed 
for renewal costs since 2007. To academic affiliates I will donate it. Of 
course, anyone can pick it up after it comes out of the 30-day grace period 
post-renewal date.)

Hilmar Lapp -:- genome.duke.edu -:- lappland.io

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