Hi all,

I'm interested in the distribution of a non-heritable binary
trait/observation across a large tree 1000+ tip tree. The tree is
non-distinct in shape and balance, it is neither fully pectinate nor fully
balanced. It has many soft polytomies too.

I believe the distribution of this trait to be significantly stratified
such that just for the sake of explanation, every other tip is "present"
for the trait. So essentially I'm interested in testing the evenness of
distribution of "present" tips across the tree.

In this instance it doesn't seem to me that I should be testing for
"phylogenetic signal" or using models that do that, nor am I testing the
randomicity of distribution of the trait.
Specifically, I want to test if the observed distribution is significantly
close to "perfect" stratification for the given number of "presences"
(which is ~33% of the tips of the tree), on the given fixed tree shape.


How can I meaningfully test the evenness of the distribution of a binary
trait across a tree, with R?

Any ideas?



Ross Mounce, PhD
Software Sustainability Institute Fellow
Dept. of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge
www.rossmounce.co.uk <http://rossmounce.co.uk/>

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