The function may do what you want. It adds a single 
species to the group defined by the MRCA of members of a genus, according to 
multiple criteria (randomly and so on). It can add only one species at a time, 
so you will need to write a for loop or something to iterate over the species 
that you�d like to add.

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From: Sergio Ferreira Cardoso<>
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Subject: [R-sig-phylo] Add terminal branches to tree

Hello all,

I'm using the package 'phytools' to try to add terminal branches to a tree 
(attached). I tried to use add.everywhere function to add terminal branches. I 
have 167 terminal taxa inside each of the 7 genera on my tree. Basically, I 
just wanted to add some dozens of specimens to the end of each branch, but I 
don't find a way to do it. Is there any tool that would allow me to do this? 
Like adding 30 branches to 'Phal', adding 25 to 'Phat', etc.

Thanks in advance.

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