Hi all,

I have a problem with OUwie function from OUwie package. I was re-analysing
state-dependant evolution analyses that I ran long time ago and
surprisingly, the results have changed. The best model is OUMA instead of
OUMVA (according to AIC), and the optima also change, but only for these
models, which have problem to obtain reliable estimates.

Obviously, I have checked that I am using the same dataset in the same way,
and this is the case. Moreover, I have look into a .RData where I had run
these analysis, and the result also change when I rerun them (same tree,
discrete and continuous variables).

The only differences is the R version (3.0.2 vs. 3.4.1) and OUwie version
(before 2016). Do anyone known what could be cause?

Thanks in advanced


Diego Francisco Salazar Tortosa
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