Dear all,

A new version of ape is in preparation with several significant changes. The most important ones are:

- All types of phylogenetic trees and networks are now supported:
* trees with singleton nodes are handled with the usual functions
read.tree, plot.tree, ...
* networks are read/write with the new functions read.evonet or write.evonet (supporting the extended Newick format) and are handled with several new functions or improvements of previous ones.

- read.tree() and are now based on C code and should be several times faster.

- The internal code of prop.part() and of reorder.phylo() have been rewritten in C++ and should be several times faster. This also affects dist.topo() which is much faster with the default distance.

- The new function Xplor() shows all data files on the local machine in a Web browser with clickable links to the directories and files.

- image.DNAbin() and image.AAbin() have been improved with several new options.

All changes are listed in:

A testing version is available as source package and pre-compiled for Windows; details on how to install them are in:

At this stage, this testing version seems stable. It will be submitted to CRAN after more tests. We also welcome tests from users and developers.


Emmanuel & Klaus

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