I am tasked with rescaling the branch lengths output by beast.
The original trees in the nexus file contain node attributes as part of the 
node labels 
e.g. 1[&theta=0.059198513891606144]
is the tip label for taxa 1 and it is followed by :branch length
I want to multiple the branch length for each tree by a value that is specific 
to each tree
e.g. tree[[1]]$edge.label<-tree[[1]]$edge.label*value_tree1
I've written a loop to do this and store the resulting trees as a list which 
can then be written using phytools "writeNexus" 
The problem is that the original node attribute data (the theta values) are 
dropped from the output. How do I either keep these when reading/writing the 
nexus file or add them in before writing?
Many Thanks
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