Hi everyone,

we would like to call your attention to the Symposium "Novel approaches 
in phylogenetic comparative methods for modelling trait evolution", 
which we are organizing in the context of the Evolution 2018 conference 
to be held next August in Montpellier.

The call for abstracts for the congress is open until January 15, please 
see below for details on the procedure for abstract submission and other 
important dates.

We hope to see you in Montpellier,

On behalf of the symposium organizers

*Message from the Evolution 2018 organizers on how to submit abstracts:*

We are happy to inform you that abstract submission is now open for next 
year's 2^nd Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology in Montpellier, 
France (18-22 August 2018). Joint Congresses take place every six years 
and bring together four of the world's largest academic societies in the 
field of evolutionary biology: the European Society for Evolutionary 
Biology <http://eseb.org>, the American Society of Naturalists 
<http://www.amnat.org/>, the Society for the Study of Evolution 
<http://www.evolutionsociety.org/> and the Society of Systematic 
Biologists <http://www.systbio.org/>.

Following the traditional format of ESEB conferences, *all contributed 
talks and posters will be submitted to specific symposia and selected on 
the basis of their abstract by symposium organizers*.

The list of symposia is available at:


You can consult the list and submit an application to give a talk or 
poster to the symposia of your choice. You can submit applications to 
*up to two symposia* from the list. Note that if none of the topics 
covered by the thematic symposia matches your research, you have the 
option to submit your abstract to the �Open symposium� (also in the list).

If you are a graduate student, you will have the opportunity to compete 
for the Mayr Award and Hamilton Award. These awards, organized 
respectively by the SSB and SSE, will be given to the presenter of an 
outstanding student talk at the Joint meeting in Montpellier. *If you 
want to compete for either of these awards, you have to submit your 
abstract to either the Mayr Award symposium or Hamilton Award symposium 
through the normal abstract submission procedure*.

In order to allow as many participants as possible to present their 
work, and in line with ESEB tradition, *participants can submit only one 
abstract as the presenting author (i.e. the person who will present the 
talk/poster).* There is no limit, however, to the number of 
talks/posters a given person may coauthor.

The symposium organizers of both your first and second choice will 
examine your proposal and make a selection. Symposium organizers will 
establish a priority list for abstracts accepted as oral communications 
and will offer the *option of presenting a poster instead of a talk* for 
the abstracts that do not fit in that list. Abstracts may be rejected if 
they are of insufficient quality, but our general policy is to accept 
most poster presentations. You will be chosen to present either a talk 
or a poster in a maximum of one symposium.

In order to submit an abstract for a talk or a poster click here � 


*Please note the following important dates: *

*November 6^th 2017*: Call for abstracts opens

*January 15^th 2018*: Deadline for abstract submission (i.e. application 
to present a talk/poster)

*February 28^th 2018*: Notification of acceptance sent out and 
pre-registration for presenters (talks and posters) opens

*March 12^th 2018:*Registration for all participants opens **

*March 26^th 2018:*Oral presentations of unregistered participants are 

For further details, please see: http://evolutionmontpellier2018.org/

Looking forward to meeting you in Montpellier in 2018!**

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