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I am using cophylo in phytools to draw a large tanglegram (phylogenies with 29 and 129 terminals, and 129 associations between them). The problem is that only a fraction of the edges of the larger tree (to the right) are plotted.

This is the syntax used

obj <- cophylo(euglossini29, orchids, links, rotate.multi=TRUE)

#which apparently works well:

Rotating nodes to optimize matching...

plot.cophylo(obj, links.lwd=1, link.lty=2, fsize=0.4, pts=FALSE, link.type="curved")

# the resulting plot can be visualized here: https://www.uv.es/balbuena/PDF/Rplot.pdf

I usually work in RStudio but I got the same result in an ordinary R console. In addition, when I use cophyloplot (ape) with the same input, I am able to get the tanglegram.

I wonder what the problem might be and any help will by much appreciated.

Juan A. Balbuena


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