Dear all,

I am trying to compute the diversification rates as Jetz et al. 2012 (, where the authors have said
that the formula is the inverse of the equal splits distinctiveness value
of Redding and Moors 2006 (
But, in another paper, Pyron & Jetz 2018 ( said “is closely
inversely related to the equal splits metric”. Looking in both formulas
they seem to be the “same” but only the inverse of equal splits, as Jetz et
al. said in 2012.

I would like to know if some of you have already calculated this
diversification rate and if it is in fact just the inverse, or it is a kind
of "closely" related formula. I wrote a small example of what I’ve done,
and would like to ask if you think that this is the right way to do that.


tr <- rtree(20)


tr <- compute.brlen(tr)




plot(tr, show.tip.label = TRUE, show.node.label = TRUE)

ES = evol.distinct(tr, type = "equal.splits")$w

DR = evol.distinct(tr, type = "equal.splits")$w^-1

Thank you in advance,

Lilian Sayuri Ouchi de Melo
(PhD Student in Animal Biology at UNESP/IBILCE)

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