Dear list.

I am advertising for a postdoctoral research position in my lab. The position is available more or less immediately.

This is a re-advertisement of a postdoc that I posted last year (but didn't fill) with two important updates, as follows: 1. The postdoc is for PCM development in particular, rather than phylogeny methods more broadly. 2. The postdoc is for a minimum 2 years (given satisfactory progress, etc.) rather than for one year as advertised previously.

I consider PCMs to include anything related to the use of phylogenies to make evolutionary inferences, rather than the estimation of phylogeny - but please contact me if you'd like clarification.

The deadline to apply is May 11. More information along with a link to apply is available on my blog:

All the best, Liam

Liam J. Revell, Associate Professor of Biology
University of Massachusetts Boston
& Profesor Asociado, Programa de BiologĂ­a
Universidad del Rosario

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