I am working with the phylo object from the ape package in my own package in 
which I am manipulating the trees. I would like to check that I have 
successfully created a valid ape object, but the `checkValidPhylo` function 
appears to be solely interactive — it prints out a display, and always returns 

Is there a function in the ape package (or can there be?) that would do the 
checks, but return the results in a way that I can then process in my function? 
(e.g. return a vector of each of the checks as TRUE/FALSE) And I don’t want 
anything printed out, since I don’t want that output to be printed for users of 
my function). 

I see the package `paleotree` has ported some of those checks into a test, so 
I’m guessing such a function doesn’t exist in ape — and I don’t really want a 
dependency on another package just for these checks. 

Elizabeth Purdom
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