I teach an introductory statistics course for non-stat/math majors that are
primarily coming from the social sciences or business. I am using the Lock
textbook, http://www.lock5stat.com/, and their software StatKey,
http://www.lock5stat.com/StatKey/. I really like the way that StatKey does
randomization tests and bootstrapping, however, I don't like that it's not
possible to perform theory-based tests on their website (e.g., if I wanted
my students to perform an independent samples t-test not by hand or run a
simple linear regression).

Ideally what I was hoping for was to use R in my introductory classes but
to have some way to make it less intimidating. I want my students to be
able to run descriptives and create basic graphics (including dot plots),
randomization tests, bootstrapping, and run t-tests, chi-square, ANOVA, and

I tried using RStudio, but it is still overkill for what I want my students
to be able to do. They don't need an IDE. Randall Pruim has kindly made a
PDF for using R with Lock5, but that is too much for what I want my
students need. Programming isn't a principal outcome of my course.

I have looked in JASP and jamovi as well, but they don't fit my needs.

The closest thing I have found to what I'm looking for is Rcmdr, but it
freezes on my Mac periodically regardless of if I use it from the Terminal,
the R GUI, or RStudio. Has anyone else encountered that issue? Rcmdr is
great because it's GUI driven but also pastes the R code, which is nice for
the more advanced students in the class.

What I am wondering is.

1. Is anyone using R with Lock5 and how do you use R to do it?
2. Does anyone know of a Shiny app that does what StatKey does AND includes
some options for descriptives and inference similar to Rcmdr? I am
basically looking for a Shiny StatCrunch.

I have thought about creating a Shiny app to do all of this, but if someone
already has a wonderful solution, I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I
created something very, very basic[1] for my students just to explore the
Lock5 data and I just might need to expand on it to get what I want.

Thanks for reading my long winded email,

[1]: https://cddesja.shinyapps.io/lock5explorer/

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